DNG files don't import from LR

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DNG files don't import from LR

Post by chandler » 02 Feb 19 20:55

I have run the import from Lightroom to PSu, for my 89,000 images. Many of my images in LR are in DNG format. For these DNG files, the filename after import has a .CR2 extension, and thus no thumbnail gets generated (and the image can't be opened, of course). If I repoint the entry to the correct physical filename with the .dng extension by doing a verify, , the thumbnail gets generated and all is well. But I have thousands of DNG files....

Has anyone else seen this?

Any ideas?

I'm running build

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Re: DNG files don't import from LR

Post by Hert » 03 Feb 19 22:30

With Lightroom, make sure that you write XMP for all your images (right click - Metadata - Save metadata).

Then start with a new catalog in PSU with Tools-Catalog - Create New catalog from the hamburger menu

Then import your files directst from the file system
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