making a "sub-catalog"... how?

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making a "sub-catalog"... how?

Post by fbungarz » 21 Dec 18 19:38

Hi all,
as I discussed elsewhere (viewtopic.php?f=57&t=27427) I want to use a second catalog on my laptop for managing my personal images, but keep managing those also in my main catalog on the desktop.
So, I have been thinking about saving my main catalog under a different name and then moving that renamed copy to the laptop and there "trimming" it down, so it contains only the folders with my personal images.
Of course I want to keep all the keywords & cataloging present in the current main catalog. So I do not want to build a new one from scratch...
However, deleting folders from the PSu database takes ages. Is there a better way how to do this?

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Re: making a "sub-catalog"... how?

Post by Hert » 21 Dec 18 21:04

This is a User-to-User forum which means that users post questions here for other users.
Feature requests, change suggestions, or bugs can be logged in the ticketing system

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