resilio sync anyone?

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Re: resilio sync anyone?

Post by Hert » 21 Dec 18 10:43

G8DHE wrote:
19 Dec 18 15:59
Makes sense, is that covered by the call;
function BackupDataToFile (AFileName: WideString; AWithVerify: Boolean = True): Boolean;
I had to check that. The backup of the SQLite files (a file copy) was not handled by the object model call BackupDataToFile, which only worked for the Server edition (SQLServer or Postgresql).
In the next update (1826) this is moved and TCatalog.BackupDataToFile also handles the SQLite physical backup. This version is now available for download from the website (no webupdate yet).
or is the checking another call ?
Checking is part of the backup call.
Incidentally is there a more detailed description of what the calls above do anywhere, at the moment I'm using a suck and see approach which doesn't always give a lot of info back :-)
There's not. Best to study existing scripts or ask here.
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Re: resilio sync anyone?

Post by G8DHE » 21 Dec 18 10:47

Many tks for that update Hert. Saves a lot of head scratching ;-)
OK on the documentation, I do appreciate that there is a lot of work involved in getting good documentation available.
Geoff Mather (G8DHE)

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