Which folder should catalog be stored

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Which folder should catalog be stored

Post by Larry56 » 03 Dec 18 19:35

I noticed that there is a folder Catalog under the main Idimager Systems Inc folder but all my catalogs are located under the main folder and not Catalog. I didn't think too much about it but I had a problem with an update and so uninstalled and then reinstalled PSU on Windows computer. After then reinstall I noted that the newly created catalog showed up under Catalog.

I've never had any problems that I know of but does it matter where the catalogs are located?

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Re: Which folder should catalog be stored

Post by G8DHE » 03 Dec 18 20:11

You can move, and point PSU, at any location desired, be it a local or network drive, at least under Windows. It will remember the last location used and use that as the default next time round.
Typically I have the main catalog on my workstation C: drive as its Flash, but I can access it from my Laptop anywhere on the network as I often do. Also whilst compacting the Thumbnail catalog it needs a LOT of extra room, so I just move both catalog files to a spare drive with a lot of spare space, doing the compaction and then copy it back to its standard default location in the catalog folder.
Geoff Mather (G8DHE)

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