Compact Catalogue Failing

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Compact Catalogue Failing

Post by larmstrong » 23 Nov 18 22:01

When I attempt to compact the catalogue or the thumbnails I get an error:

Connection to database failed (PostgreSWL: FaTAL: database" dbname " does not exist.

Then it asks me to send the exception error - which I did.

I have been doing regular backups as I import and catalogue batches at a time.

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Re: Compact Catalogue Failing

Post by Hert » 25 Nov 18 12:00

Never seen such error. Does it work after restarting the software?
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Re: Compact Catalogue Failing

Post by bimo » 26 Nov 18 15:56

I already reported the error earlier this year: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=26933

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