DxO and DAM develpment

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DxO and DAM develpment

Post by johnbarrett » 09 Nov 18 11:58

DxO propose developing a DAM which might effect dop files or more.
See https://feedback.dxo.com/t/wow-have-i-m ... ng/5149/63

Most customers are against it but given there refusal to listen to any one its likely to go on.

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Re: DxO and DAM develpment

Post by Larry56 » 09 Nov 18 20:18

I for one would like to see minor DAM features. Not having color labels or keyword search/display has made it somewhat cumbersome for my workflow. I will not give us PhotoSupreme as my DAM for integrated DAM features in RAW developing software although at least some features can be beneficial.

As far as the fear that DxO's direction may impact dop files, I'm not too concerned. Even if they did change them or just add to xmp I'm confident Hert will make the necessary changes in PSU.

my 2 cents.

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Re: DxO and DAM develpment

Post by Mke » 13 Nov 18 19:24

It doesn't surprise me that DxO users would like some basic functionality, or that DxO would seek to add it to increase the attractiveness of their product. Though as a DxO user myself I won't be using it; IMHO DxO are unlikely to add anything approaching the sophistication of PSU.

Like Larry, I would expect that .dop file handling in PSU would be updated to cope with any changes introduced.

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