Duplicate Top Level Folders

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Duplicate Top Level Folders

Post by wvcs » 25 Oct 18 15:27

I have a Windows Share Drive mapped to my MacBook in PSU. However, occasionally a duplicate top level folder pops up. Primary folder is /Volumes/Pictures and the secondary folder is PICTURES [Pictures}. I remove the PICTURES [Pictures] and ensure the /Volumes/Pictures are mapped as the top level folder. However, when I try to import images they don't appear in /Volumes/Pictures. It appears that PSU is trying to insert them into the PICTURES [Pictures] folder even though I have removed it. Then PICTURES [Pictures] will suddenly appear again. Is there any way to permanently remove PICTURES [Pictures] from the database? Or should I just create a completely new catalog with the correct top level folder? Appreciate any thoughts.

Thanks Bill

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Re: Duplicate Top Level Folders

Post by Hert » 26 Oct 18 10:28

Right click on the top level node and select Map to the Correct Physicsl Folder
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