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Reject rating

Post by Larry56 » 17 Oct 18 4:04

I see in the latest update that it "Introduces support for "rejected" ratings". Any further explanations on this? I can't find anything in the help files and don't see any different options when navigating through photos.

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Re: Reject rating

Post by RobiWan » 17 Oct 18 6:05

Rejected file has rating "-1". It was long time feature used by Adobe bridge, but now is this written in Standard XMP.

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Re: Reject rating

Post by Hert » 17 Oct 18 8:16

In the Ratings section there's now also the Rejected entry. And you can mark an image as rejected using Alt+0 shortcut (or click the x in the rating bar)
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Re: Reject rating

Post by Larry56 » 17 Oct 18 16:35

Thank you. I couldn't see the X on my screen because it's too dark. Perhaps make it lighter for contrast?

Also, add to Filter options?

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Re: Reject rating

Post by Roland » 17 Oct 18 20:01

As long as no star rating is applied the "x" is not visible. But hovering the mouse over the empty space shows the tool tip and I can reject the image. Only when a rating has been applied the "x" becomes visible when hovering the mouse over the stars section.
Is this intended behaviour?
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Re: Reject rating

Post by roddyt » 23 Oct 18 21:56

I would like to see an entry for it added to the ratings group in the filter bar. That would make it more useful to me.

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Re: Reject rating

Post by JP-CH » 25 Feb 19 11:17

I see that the feature request to filter by Rejected rating has been submitted in Mantis. In the mean time, I suggest the following work-around for those wanting to filter on Rejected.

Use Filter by Macro Command.
Set the filter to:

Macro Command:
  • %ImageRating
  • Equals
  • -1
Click [OK] to test it (assuming you have some rejected images in your current view).

If satisfied, launch the Filter by Macro Command again and it stops the filter (all images return to the view).

[Save] your Macro.

It is not the most stream-lined way of seeing the Rejected images, but it works for now.

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