Odd issue with dates

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JD McDowell
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Odd issue with dates

Post by JD McDowell » 01 Oct 18 3:16

I'm still in "Trial" mode, so I'm unsure if I'm doing something wrong or if there is a work around for this.

On the timeline tab I'm getting a date for 1899-12-30. Obviously that's wrong, though there are 1926 files in there.

I've attached a screenshot showing the EXIF date (which is correct)and the 1899 date in the timeline.

I've looked trough all the metadata, there's no 1899 date in there anywhere.

What I'm hoping for is an explanation as to where Photo Supreme is getting it's date info from so I can hopefully track this down.
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Re: Odd issue with dates

Post by Hert » 02 Oct 18 5:06

Welcome to the forum.

30 dec 1899 is the 0-date. You probably didn’t import these image so yet. Select all of them (cmd a) and then right click on a selected thumb and select Metadata-Read metadata from file. Once complete, revisit the timeline to see if all 1899 images (images without a date in the catalog) are processed.
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