No delivery of Photo Supreme

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No delivery of Photo Supreme

Post by andrevervaecke » 17 Sep 18 19:05

I bought and payed Photo Supreme V4 for Windows august 18 for 131.89 USD payed by credit card but never received the program.
What went wrong ?

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Re: No delivery of Photo Supreme

Post by weidmic » 18 Sep 18 9:52

Hello Andre,

welcome to the forum.
I have removed your attachement to protect your privacy.

Please contact Hert directly (the developer) directly by email.
He will be able to help you out...

Best Regeards,
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Re: No delivery of Photo Supreme

Post by Hert » 18 Sep 18 16:56

Hi André, I’ve replied to your emails and forwarded the license email that was sent to you by shareit directly after purchase. But as you keep emailing, I think you’re not receiving any of my emails, nor did you receive the email from share it, and I also emailed you with my private email address (hoping that would bypass your filters), and that too apparently never reached you.

Can you check your spam folder for these emails. The email from shareit/digitalRiver was sent to you directly after purchase on August 18th. I’ve also sent emails on August 27 and September 12 and September 15.

You’re license is in your account at You’ve also requested me to reset your password, which I did, but you probably also didn’t receive my email with the changed password.
All in all, please check if your email is working correctly because you obviously didn’t receive emails from 3 different domains.
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