Program not responding on iMac

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Program not responding on iMac

Post by MacHopper » 11 Sep 18 15:01

I have been running the demo version for a few days now. I tested out the system by loading a small collection of Photos, 5400 images, everything worked great. So next I loaded up a separated database of 32259 images. After an overnight creation, the program would start to load the database and then just sit there with the spinning color wheel. The dock showed the program as Not Responding with the Force Quit Option. I found that if I started with the smaller catalog, I could get the larger one to load, but any change seemed to lock up the program. Swell this morning there was an update and finally I could load the large catalog at startup. However, once again, if I change from the Folder View to any other, the program locks up with the spinning color wheel.

I have seen where there are users with databases that are over twice as large with no problems, but most referenced being Windows users. I am looking for any suggestions as to what the issue/fix may be. I have verified and compacted the database, with no apparent affect.

Most images are JPG, with about 200 TIFF and 40 PNG mixed in.

My system is a 2017 iMac 4K, 3GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB ram running High Sierra build 10.13.6.

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Re: Program not responding on iMac

Post by rdv4rjm » 10 Nov 18 6:22

My suggestion would be to at least double amount of ram.
I am running PSU as server on a 2012 MacPro.
So far my catalog holds over 13k tiffs.
It is holding up fine.
Mac isn't the problem.

Good luck!

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Re: Program not responding on iMac

Post by Hert » 10 Nov 18 6:55

try this;
1. Close PSU
2. Delete the file registry.dat in the folder ~/Library/IDimager Systems, Inc.

Then try again.
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