Altitude displayed differently

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Altitude displayed differently

Post by kalain » 04 Sep 18 18:08


Here is altitude displayed from GeoTag panel (456.03 mtr) :

screen copy04-09-2018-19.02.59.jpg
screen copy04-09-2018-19.02.59.jpg (11.89 KiB) Viewed 359 times

and then (same image) from Infos panel :

screen copy04-09-2018-19.02.30.jpg
screen copy04-09-2018-19.02.30.jpg (6.21 KiB) Viewed 359 times

Looks like there is some display improvements to do here ?

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Re: Altitude displayed differently

Post by Hert » 05 Sep 18 10:01

PSU shows you what is available in the XMP of that field (no formatting takes place). The GPSAltitude field contains a rationale. In the next update this will be fixed and it will then re-format this particular field for better display.
Thank you
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