Import iPhone images excluding Whatsapp (lores)

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Import iPhone images excluding Whatsapp (lores)

Post by fenschop » 28 Aug 18 10:23

Is there a way to automatically exclude certain images form import. As the family iPhones take over more and more from the EOSes, I feel the need to import those as well, but not the big mess of images that enter the phone through Whatsapp or other lores sources.

Selection could happen on filename but also on EXIF properties like resolution.

Is this a task for a pre-import script? Or a copy handler script?


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Re: Import iPhone images excluding Whatsapp (lores)

Post by G8DHE » 28 Aug 18 15:16

On an Android I just use "Tasker" to control things and "AndFTP" to upload all relevant directories on a scheduled basis then a batch file on the server to move the relevant files to relevant locations, then use "scan for missing folders" and "verify folder" when I want to bring them into the PSU, this also works much the same on my Laptop which uploads images on a scheduled basis if I'm going to be out mobile for a while and want to have everything backed up remotely, I also run PSU on the laptop so I can start labelling and cataloguing the images when out and about changed files get FTP'ed back to my server on a regular basis if required (and bandwidth available ;-) )
Geoff Mather (G8DHE)

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