this place can't load Google maps...?

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Re: this place can't load Google maps...?

Post by Username » 01 Feb 19 7:23

So what are the actual options?

- Everyone becoming a “developer”!with Google and checkout a api key and hope google to demands passports etc.

- IDImager becomes a google developer, absorbs the cost and increases the price for the product.

- IDImager becomes a google developer and payup what’s needed and the turn the map function into a add-on license?

- Add options for the user to choose and add themselves choose code/plug/path/setting for different options like Apple MK, Bing, open street map even though they are not a solution for everyone. But only those without additional cost for IDImager?

Any other viable options?
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Re: this place can't load Google maps...?

Post by Stephen » 01 Feb 19 20:42

snowman1 wrote:
30 Jan 19 14:14
Unconnected, Google have also changed their email protocols in a move that is causing great issues for my ISP, as Google is effectively delaying any emails sent to gmail addressses from my - and other - ISPs, sometimes by many days.
I would suggest escaping from Gmail asap. Fastmail, which I highly recommend, offers an import facility to ease the migration.
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Re: this place can't load Google maps...?

Post by snowman1 » 01 Feb 19 22:57

I only use it for very limited purposes, but this problem is when sending messages from my own ISP to gmail addresses.

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