Number Sequencing Problem

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Number Sequencing Problem

Post by jmd » 22 Jul 18 20:43


I'm giving Photo Supreme its 30-day trial and have imported several hundred photos with names of this type: Roll 1—Photo (32).tif. Photo Supreme has created the following folder structure: Roll 1, Roll 10, Roll 100, Roll 101, (then in sequence from 101-109), then Roll 11, Roll 110, (sequence of 111-119), Roll 12, Roll 120... When I look at the overall collection under "Types" (tif), this sequencing determines how the hundreds of photos appear; there may be other consequences to this numbering sequence which I haven't had time to discover yet.

Is there some adjustment in Preferences or elsewhere that I should make to get the more practical "Roll 1, Roll 2, Roll 3, etc.", or is this simply how Photo Supreme works with numbers?


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Re: Number Sequencing Problem

Post by Stephen » 23 Jul 18 21:20

This might not be a problem, but just a question of your settings, as Photo Supreme is very flexible.

"Is there some adjustment in Preferences or elsewhere that I should make to get the more practical "Roll 1, Roll 2, Roll 3, etc."

You don't explain your goal, but you might like to look at HELP and download the quick manuals first. The lefthand side panel seen when importing images offers countless ways to import, file and renumber your images. Initially, you should perhaps just copy them and not delete the original source, so that you can always return after discovering what suits you best. PSu is a professional application but has a learning curve, so don't give up too soon.

I am sure that others from this community will pick up on your first post.
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Re: Number Sequencing Problem

Post by jstartin » 23 Jul 18 21:49

Exactly what you are asking is not completely clear to me. Do you really mean "Photo Supreme has created the following folder structure..." or is it the file names that are in question? Are the file names unaltered from what you imported, or did you use a renaming rule? It would help forum members give good advice if you explained exactly what folders/files you started with, exactly how you imported the files, and what the result was. Reading between the lines a little, perhaps you have files Roll 1(*), Roll 2(*) Roll 10(*) etc. Is that so? There are various ways of sorting the files on display, accessed from the View button on the upper right of the display. A file name sort is, naturally, alphanumeric and that is just what you describe. It may be that to get what you want you would need to rename Roll 1, Roll 2 etc to Roll00001, Roll00002 etc.
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