how to automatically version files?

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how to automatically version files?

Post by SAG » 18 May 18 23:49

VERY new to PSU, and struggling to find some tools to make cataloging much quicker.

I have now indicated my root drive and imported all the photos there into the catalog. I am going folder-by-folder (by year) to label all the images, but I want FIRST to create my version sets so there are fewer images to deal with in the first place. My first version set type will be raw+jpg, so virtually all my photos will be in a version set together with the corresponding raw (same file name). There must be a way for this to be done automatically... but how? Once this is done I have nearly halved the apparent number of images. ... or maybe some other form of grouping is more appropriate for this task?

Then I'd like virtually identical images with different exposures to be versioned as HDR sets. Since the images are virtually identical, is there an automated way for PSU to find these sorts of sets on its own? Of course each of these also has raw+jpg. Is it possible to have sets within sets? If not, is there another grouping type that could be used for this? Panoramas and other photoshoot groups containing very similar images is another ... and of course some panoramas will have been taken with HDR sequences - whew. Clearly there is nesting going on here. I seem to need sets within groups within collections - for example. I could use some advice on a strategy!

Tips are very welcome for this newbie!

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Re: how to automatically version files?

Post by Stephen » 20 May 18 20:59

Welcome to PSu.

Personally, I think versioning is a highly overrated feature and I never use it. I find it's just as easy to mark 50 individual images as it is to mark 25 version sets. For me it is much easier.
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