Issues with versioning in 4.1

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Issues with versioning in 4.1

Post by KeesdH » 18 May 18 16:38

Came back from 3 weeks of travel last weekend with 3600 pictures. Found the 4.1 update and installed it. Unfortunatly I have issues now with versioning:
  • when I select several pics and start version detection it only finds the versions for the first pic in the selection
  • When I repeat the versioning sometimes nothing happens or the third picture or so gets versioned
  • And PSU "forgets RAW pics" during the process. I have to re-import them again to get them visible in PSU"
My file structure is as follows:
Top level: RAW files
One level below a folder called JPG were I store my developed RAW pictures as JPG.

This has worked for me since IDimager v2.

Any suggestions???

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Re: Issues with versioning in 4.1

Post by RickHeath » 21 May 18 18:24

I'm finding the same with v4.1.0.1486.

"Version detection" will only work on a single pair of RAW + JPG files & sometimes not then. If I select more files no more than one pair gets versioned.

I also find I'm having to run Verify Folder multiple times on the same folder to get all the RAW files to be seen by PSU, sometimes even if the thumbnail for the RAW is visible in the collection. Sometimes it isn't in the collection but the thumbnail is visible under folder view. Re-running verify folder shows it up as missing from the catalog & then adds it & versioning is then possible!

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