T drive wont display folders

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T drive wont display folders

Post by Steve01 » 04 May 18 20:31

I have a number of drives I am testing. so far they all have black triangles which allow folders to be seen when drive letter expanded.
I have a T drive with folders and mpeg files.
Folders are all at root level.
mpeg files also are loose on the drive at root level.
I drag drop the entire lot by selecting the folders and files in win explorer to Photosupreme and it catalogs them in centre pane, I see the mpeg files, but no folders.
I then realise the video folder contents .vro .ifo and .bup are probably not in preferences yes I was right, so I add them in.
verify folder and now it adds in the folders, well its counted them 434 of a possible 448 BUT STILL NO FOLDERS IN LEFT PANE, T IS WITHOUT A BLACK EXPAND FOLDER TREE TRIANGLE. no folders in middle window, probably middle window cant show folders only icons and images.

To test further I create a folder at root level on T and put a jpg into it, verify folder on T drive and it identifies the folder in the actions panel with 'add file to catalog, so I say yes, however still no folder under T drive. add another jpg to it, verify and again the actions panel sees it and I say yes to add it in.

still no folders for T drive.

What am I doing wrong ?


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