why repeated resynching and thumbnailing ?

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why repeated resynching and thumbnailing ?

Post by Steve01 » 02 May 18 22:22

usb_HDD_010 (usb3 into powered usb3 hub) I set it to scan for the first time with the scan wizard that appears at launch.
start 13:34:00
it started synch and thumbs progress bars before I even clicked on Import of that wizard.
I clicked import anyway, got a third progress line that then disappeared.
14:48 thumbs 100%
14:54 Synch 100%

Thus 1hr 20 mins for this 28.5Gb of files on a 465Gb drive

closed PSu then shut down PC, rebooted
14:56:00 launch PSu and noticed the user name usb_HDD_010 that was done in winExplorer/rename option was not showing, instead Elements F:, yet that renaming trick had worked last night on others.

Opened a folder for usb_HDD_010 and saw just a couple of thumbs but grey no entry signs for the rest, then synch and thumbs bars started off all over again without me initiating such.

they have completed at 17:49:00

thats 2hrs 53mins this time for the same drive, first scan was 1hr 20mins. :shock:

opening up a folder thumbs are now there :D

but whats this ??? :shock: :shock:

Synch and thumbs are starting over yet again.
10 mins later at 17:59 and 14.7% thumbs and 44.2% synch

why three lots of this treatment ?

Thats 13:34 until 18:09 as I type and one drive with 28.5Gb ( 17259 files and 1358 folders) still being treated to synch and thumbs. ?

Synch now done and thumbs 40%

In total that was 5 hours to do 28Gb. :shock: compare to last night when in 1hr 20 mins it had done M N and L drives (mains powered Buffalo drive usb2) far far more than 28Gb and was on a real good run.


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