Forgotten Catalog Password

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Forgotten Catalog Password

Post by wesstl » 26 Apr 18 20:10

Created a second database for older, archived images and now can't open the main database because I've forgotten the password. The default doesn't work so I'm lost. How do I recover or change the password? On a Mac.

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Re: Forgotten Catalog Password

Post by Hert » 27 Apr 18 8:14

Now that's a problem. Passwords are stored encoded and are not retrievable, not even by me. If you can send me your catalog database file (no need for the thumbs database) then I can rewrite the default password to it.
You can use Dropbox/GDrive/OneDrive/iCloud/WeTransfer or another file sharing service for that (best to ZIP it first). On macOS, find your catalog file in folder ~/Library/IDimager Systems, Inc./Catalog

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