PSU v4: Import does not finish

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PSU v4: Import does not finish

Post by tumirnix » 21 Apr 18 23:33

when I start in the PSU v4 the import from the SD card it does not properly finish (at least the progress bar).
But the task manager does not show any activity of the program:
20180421_PSU_Progress.png (87.24 KiB) Viewed 1255 times
When I click on the (x) symbol to stop the process, it seems to be finished properly. At leas I do
not the, what could be missing.
Does anyone else has made a similar experience.

Best regards

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Re: PSU v4: Import does not finish

Post by dickl » 22 Apr 18 17:01

Hi Martin

Yes. I share exactly the same problem too... I wonder if there is a connection to our Import Profiles issue. The import process proceeds fine, but the Process Activity tab remains open, showing a single activity saying it is loading the import profile and it just sits there. I open a window in File Explorer, and verify that the Import has taken place and the images are indeed loaded and labelled correctly but PSu is still loading the import profiles? I've just been 'x' ing the Activity to get on with the work...


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Re: PSU v4: Import does not finish

Post by Larry56 » 22 Apr 18 18:10

I have the same problem and have had for quite awhile. I use several import profiles and it happens in each one. Not all the time but on a regular basis. I've never had a problem with lost files or file not being imported, it just displays that activity is still happening but I don't think it is.

I've noticed too that my Last Import screen when this happens indicates out of sync and incomplete thumbnail information. However changing to the folder for the import shows all in sync.

Occasionally too PSU will stop working and I have to force quit but restarting shows nothing lost or damaged.

You may want to report this on Mantis to give Hert additional information for a fix.

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