'database or disk is full (0)' when compacting databases

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'database or disk is full (0)' when compacting databases

Post by tumirnix » 25 Mar 18 18:33

in order to prepare the switch from PSU version 3 to 4 I started the compression of both databases (catalog and thumbnail).
After a certain time I got the message "database or disk is full (0)".
I checked the filesystem of my Windows 10 (64bit) system:
  • Drive C (Here are the catalog and thumbnail DB): 61 of 231 GB free
  • Drive D (Here are the 152000 images): 91 of 931 GB free
The database files have the following sizes:
  • idimager.cat.db: 2.619.281 KB
  • idimager.thumbs.db: 34.960.558
I have no idea, about the reason. Is there a more detailed log?
Thanks in advance

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Re: 'database or disk is full (0)' when compacting databases

Post by weidmic » 25 Mar 18 19:46

The DB error comes from SQlite - not from PSU

The reason is that when compacting a database, a temporary database file will be created.
With the 35 GB Plus 35 GB you are already at 70 GB

The temp file will be created at the DB location - My guess is that your DB is located on drive C and not on D
And on drive C you have only 61 GB

You could move the DB to a drive with more space and run it from there...
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Re: 'database or disk is full (0)' when compacting databases

Post by rgifford » 15 May 18 10:10

I have the same problem when compacting my thumbs database.

The drive containing the database has 518Gb free and the thumbs database being compacted is 157Gb

The C: drive (which isn't used unless there are some hard coded temporary files going there) has 117Gb free

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