Restore to new computer question

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Restore to new computer question

Post by Larry56 » 20 Mar 18 6:20

I backed up my catalog from within Photo Supreme 4 to an external hard drive and then plugged the drive into a new computer. In the installed PSu on the new computer I selected Restore from the menu but it didn't restore the image db or catalog but did restore the import profiles. I had to manually copy the db and catalog to the new computer to be able to open it.

I'm wondering what I did wrong. Here's my steps.
1. in PSu selected Restore and navigated to external drive with backed up catalog.
2. Received message that restore was complete
3. I tried to find and open the catalog but couldn't find it from within PSu nor navigating to computer folder where catalogs are stored (default location on Windows 10 computer) but it wasn't there. I checked several folders. I did notice that the backup saves the image db and catalog to the root folder of the backup and not to the \catalog folder as is on my old computer.

Any ideas?

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