Problem restoring DB

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Problem restoring DB

Post by oversampling » 18 Mar 18 18:14

PSU backup problem.jpg
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This message popped up while trying to restore the PSU DB: does anyone have a clue on what could have gone wrong?

Running PSU PostGRE SQL on win10: the db backup is on the local disc while the main DB is on a separate server (NAS)

Any help would be appreciated as I don't have any other DB backup... :cry:


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Re: Problem restoring DB

Post by Hert » 19 Mar 18 14:58

Double click on the i-icon to copy the message to Windows clipboard.

Then paste the statement to a text editor (like Notepad)
Then copy the command line
Start a Windows command box (Win+R then enter cmd and enter)
Paste in the windows command box
Press enter to run the statement

That may give you a more descriptive error.
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