Editing & Saving Photos

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Editing & Saving Photos

Post by Rcarlson » 12 Mar 18 22:16

So I've been testing this a little now and one of the strange things I've noticed is that if I edit and save a photo/ video clip into a folder that is already imported, I cannot see that file in PSU. I then have to go and verify that folder to see what changes have been made. Is there any way to have those folders automatically verify? The idea is that if I've already told that folder to be imported into PSU then regardless of what changes are made I would like them to be reflected in my photo library.

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Re: Editing & Saving Photos

Post by weidmic » 12 Mar 18 23:22

since you are adding a file into a folder that is already in psu, you need to verify that Folder.
This is nothing strange. I beliebe the functionality you are looking for is called hot folder...
some software, you can configure to have a hotfolder, but i think this is always just one folder.
I use PSU, Lightroom, Capture One, and a few more and not one piece of software is adding a files by itself into the catalog. I would not want it either. Sometimes I even remove a photo from the catalog, but leave it on disk...
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