DCraw version used in PSu?

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DCraw version used in PSu?

Post by simato73 » 11 Mar 18 20:14

Some time ago I posted about some problems PSu V4 not reading EXIF information from Fuji RAF files viewtopic.php?f=57&t=26748&hilit=dcraw
That specific problem has been resolved quickly.

Another issue I had at that point was that I could not get large (2560 wide) previews from my X-T2 because the embedded Jpeg was not big enough and when the raw conversion was triggered, it failed.
A little more digging and I discovered on DCraw web page that the X-T2 is not supported.
At the time it felt a bit odd, but I commented this is not something about which Hert can do anything.
A little more reading, and from what I can see David Coffin seems to have stopped developing DCraw well over a year ago.

What version of DCraw does PSu use, when was it last updated?
If it is a long time ago, can it be updated with something like LibRaw, that from what I read is continuing to develop DCraw?

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