Slow scrolling in the assign panel

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Slow scrolling in the assign panel

Post by freudenthaler » 11 Mar 18 11:20

One of my main reasons using a DAM-software is assigning keyords/labels/tags (whatever you want to word it) to images. PSu offers a lot, to handle this (undoubtly time-consuming) task in a structured, pleasent and efficient way.

Nevertheless, I made one, for me annoying, observeation: scrolling in the assignement panel is not smooth enough. There is a noticeable delay of a little bit less than 1 sec between dragging the scroll-slider and the movement of the panel content, of my labels.

Compare the scrolling experience to other applications (eg. word, browser) and you instantly will see & feel what I mean. This lack of smoothness occurs with the mouse wheel as well as dragging the slider with mouse movement, resulting in a delayed, choppy and batch wise movement of the labels. This behavior forces me to mostly use the label search field for assigning instead of my predefined label sets :(.

There are 2 things which could (and also should) be improved: reducing the delay and improving smoothness during moving the panel content.
But I guess, that the second point is directly dependant on the first?

It's not obvious for me what might be the root cause, as the content of the label panel is neither visually nor content wise really complex? Maybe the drawer controls (which can be open to show their content or closed and hide their content) are part of the problem - eg. if everythings needs to be visually redrawed during scrolling, regardless of the open/closed state of the drawer controls?

A profiler could come up with some results - Hert, could you please try to figure out? Thanks in advance.

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