Import permanently hangs in PSu v4

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Import permanently hangs in PSu v4

Post by freudenthaler » 04 Mar 18 10:17

Did three different and from each other independantly imports with different amounts of pictures (from a few up to 1500) since upgrading to v4.
Applying import profile -> fine, but when PSu proceeds to the synchronize service in the activity panel, the import seems to get stuck -> PSu hangs, there is no noticeable further process. One time I waited even half an hour, without any change, with today's-attempt the Win10-message-box "PSu is not responding anymore" appeared.

After restarting PSu the missing thumnails are built, every data seem to be correctly in place...?!

Any other PSu-users noticing the same behaviour? Hert, can I activate a log to see why & where PSu begins to struggle?

PS: read topic viewtopic.php?f=57&t=26718 - I am "still" using PSu v4.0.1.1032 (64)
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Re: Import permanently hangs in PSu v4

Post by Hert » 05 Mar 18 13:00

Is this still happening with build 1043? If so, can you narrow it down to a single folder or even better: to one file?

You can toggle logging by pressing Ctrl+Alt+D. Find the debug file in your appdata/IDimager Systems, Inc. folder. Beware: enabling logging will result in extremely large files. I never mention to customers to use logging as the files are extremely large and they are not meaningful to them. Only use logging for a (very!) short period, typically when you know how to reproduce an issue...then enable it just before the issue. If you're planning to send me a log file...then send max 100 lines from the end of the log file.
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