"Version Sets Offset Folder": what is it goof for?

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"Version Sets Offset Folder": what is it goof for?

Post by bimo » 02 Mar 18 1:26

In v4 there is a new entry under preferences/catalog/versioning: "Version Sets Offset Folder".

Could someone please explain the concept behind it?

Thank you.

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Re: "Version Sets Offset Folder": what is it goof for?

Post by jstartin » 02 Mar 18 15:33

It provides two choices for the folder from which the search for versions starts.
"Current folder" looks in the same folder as the file selected for version detection, and sub folders (just as v3 did).
"Current and sibling folders" also looks in other sub-folders of the parent folder of the folder containing the selected file. With this you can, for example, have a container folder such as 'Photos' and within it sub-folders for RAW and for JPEG. Starting from a jpeg with be able to find raw matches and vice versa. This was not possible in v3, and is a huge improvement for anyone who likes this physical separation of the files.
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Re: "Version Sets Offset Folder": what is it goof for?

Post by LifeIsLong » 03 Mar 18 12:50

This is all well and good, but I've had to separate at a top level. So I have sibling folders "JPGs" and "RAW", then duplicate the folder structure underneath them. I did this so I could run their online backup at separate times due to the disparity in times (RAW is substantially bigger than JPGs!). A user-selectable offset would be very nice.

IDImager v5 also used to have a "look for versions in the selection." This would also be very nice in PSU4. Currently, I have to manually drag-and-drop every version on top of it's main version... a pretty slow process, but I like versions so much it's still worth it.

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