Metadata Save / Read to file Question

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Metadata Save / Read to file Question

Post by angelanthony » 14 Feb 18 5:59

so im using PS 3 server version and im trying copy keywords from 1 photo and apply that to a batch of different photos

* I tried right clicking on a photo that has the keywords and tried to initiate the save metadata to file and nothing happened
* so then i tried right clicking on the same file to export metadata to a csv file a pop up window appeared and i selected keywords from the descriptions section and was able to export a csv file.
* next i selected a bunch of photos that i wanted to apply the metadata keywords to and right clicked and selected metadata / read metadata from file and again nothing happened.

am i selecting the correct function? am i missing a step? please advise

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Re: Metadata Save / Read to file Question

Post by Hert » 14 Feb 18 8:38

In Photo Supreme you're better off working with Catalog Labels than keywords directly in metadata as catalog labels transfer to keywords (also read the Cataloging manual in the help menu).

The recommended way to copy/paste catalog labels is:
1. Select the source image
2. Open the Label Assignment Panel (Ctrl+L on Windows or Cmd+L on macOS)
3. There, click the magnifying glass icon and from the drop down select "Copy assigned labels to clipboard"
4. Select the thumbs where you want to paste to and click the magnifying glass again ans select the Paste option
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