Mantis, cannot select V4

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Mantis, cannot select V4

Post by KeesdH » 07 Feb 18 22:01

Cannot select v4 in Mantis to report bugs! Please add.

Hate to say, however the program seems to be buggy:

- geo tagging does not work
- upload to Flickr does not work
- when selecting folders for importing the program often crashes

On the positive side:
- looks great on my 4k monitor
- I like the the large preview size
- and the dynamic collections

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Re: Mantis, cannot select V4

Post by Hert » 07 Feb 18 23:48

I’ve added V4 in mantis and delete beta projects, which you used. Unfortunately that deleted all tickets in there as well. Sorry for that, I should have moved your ticket to v4 first.
FWIW, I did reply that GEO tagging works fine here and that it was extensively tested during beta. Is you IE up to date? Can you try to reinstall V4 (even remove v3 first).

And I just tested an upload to Flickr as well and had no issues uploading. Maybe you should reauthenticate?
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Re: Mantis, cannot select V4

Post by Larry56 » 08 Feb 18 0:08

I just logged into Mantis and see the v3 beta is gone but there is no v4 option.

Edit - I just checked again and v4 is now available. Thank you.

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