Page with the definition of hierarchical keywords?

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Page with the definition of hierarchical keywords?

Post by RobiWan » 26 Jan 18 11:32


I was asked Goggle but no luck.
Does anyone know page where the definition is described as the hierarchical keywords?

As example - which construct is correct (or are both correct)?



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Re: Page with the definition of hierarchical keywords?

Post by Hert » 26 Jan 18 14:06

They are both correct, but also different.

The first example means that you have 4 assigned keywords: Herkunft and Deutchland and Schleswig-Holstein and Berkenthin (each with its overlapping hierarchy)

The second example means that you have one keyword: Berkenthin (with its hierarchy)

There's no good and no wrong here. And using either would be a matter of preference, mainly based/influenced on outside parties/services.

I can imagine that you'd use the first one if being found in micro stock sites when they only search for leaf keywords (the lowest level). Then having each separate lever as a keyword will increase find-ability.

The second what you would use if no outside parties depend on your images. For PSU I recommend the second, mainly because having Berkenthin assigned in that hierarchy automatically makes it possible to find it with Deutchland when using the search bar.
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