2605 or 2606 ?

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2605 or 2606 ?

Post by MikeNaylor » 15 Dec 17 11:57

My current build is, but I think the latest build is 2606. Asking PSU to check for updates says I have the latest version.

In ~/Library/IDimager Systems, Inc./ there is a file called IDimagerSU_mac_webUpdate.pkg. I've no idea when or how that appeared or if I'm supposed to manually execute it.

Downloading a fresh copy of PSU from cp.idimager.com gets PhotoSupreme_V3.pkg with no indication of what build that might be.

So, what would happen if I executed either of these? Would it upgrade me to 2606, But most importantly, would it overnight my default catalog idimager.cat.db and idimager.thumbs.db? Please can someone help me understand what's going on here?

Lastly, how could I rename and move my current catalog to a better place? Or, would that be a bad idea?

[macOS 10.13.2]
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Re: 2605 or 2606 ?

Post by Mke » 15 Dec 17 14:32

I don't use a Mac, but the latest version for Windows is indeed 2006, and that's what you'll get if you download a fresh version from the web site (just checked). Upgrading will not affect your databases, though of course it's always a good idea to have a backup.

To rename / move your catalog, make a copy in the new location and use the technique here viewtopic.php?f=57&t=25215&p=115776#p115776

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Re: 2605 or 2606 ?

Post by sanphotgn » 15 Dec 17 14:45

I use Windows, but it appears Mac has a "Properties" equivalent called "Get Info", which displays the version of an application. (Granted, some of the tutorials I have found are kind of ancient, so hopefully it is still available or was replaced by an equivalent.)
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Re: 2605 or 2606 ?

Post by Hert » 15 Dec 17 20:06

PSU will never overwrite your catalog on installation. And when you download from the website then you can be sure that that is the latest version.

PS; when a release is only relevant for a small group of users then I may skip the webupdate system.
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