Photo compression

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Photo compression

Post by londonmm » 06 Dec 17 17:37


I have recently installed Photo Supreme for a small organisation I work for. One thing we would like to use the software for is compressing photos for web, email etc. I understand you can do this by either..

- Exporting to folder, and adjusting the sizing settings
- Batch processing images, and adjusting the resize settings.

When looking at the calculation method, there are many different options and it's all fairly technical and I was hoping there would be an option to 'export for web' etc. Please bare in mind my colleagues aren't the most technical!

Is there a simpler way of compressing an image using Photo Supreme that I'm missing? It seems like it should be a fairly standard function for photo editing.

Any ideas, I'd be very grateful.

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Re: Photo compression

Post by Hert » 06 Dec 17 18:07

Export to Folder is indeed the most obvious choice for this purpose. As resize method for the web, I recommend to use Lanczos. This is a high quality interpolation method that works for almost every possible photo, preventing moire effects etc.
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