Label Relationships?

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Label Relationships?

Post by LifeIsLong » 01 Dec 17 12:11

Is there any documentation on label relationships? I looked in the cataloguing pdf, but didn't see anything.

Specifically, is there a way to easily assign a label's relationships when assigning the label? (So if Civic is related to "my car", when I assign Civic, can I also have "my car" assigned at the same time?)

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Re: Label Relationships?

Post by Mke » 01 Dec 17 19:12

Only if you structure them into a hierarchy, so that "Civic" is a parent or child of "my car"

However there is a proposal that - if implemented - would enable you to set up and assign multiple labels; you can read it and comment here:

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Re: Label Relationships?

Post by fbungarz » 21 Dec 17 0:39

Actually, there is a way to set this up already, using metadata templates (i.e., via "apply detail profile"...). It is a bit cumbersome though, because you will need to specifically edit all those labels to assign other, related labels via metadata templates. Probably not really what you want and it is also "bad practice" to assign labels by writing into XMP fields...
So, not really recommended, but possible if you are desperate ;-)

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