Repeatedly "database disk image is malformed"

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Repeatedly "database disk image is malformed"

Post by ketsko » 03 Oct 17 12:43

I have - for the first time - received an error message reading "database disk image is malformed", upon trying to delete a folder. Eventually nothing can be deleted, not even single files/thumbnails/images. I have restored the database from backups, two separate ones, the oldest from January. The program has been running smoothly with no problems whatsoever until now, so I doubt that there is anything wrong with these two backups. However, PSU reports "database disk image is malformed" also after having restored them. Something seems to be damaging the database immediately after starting to edit it (which is necessary to bring the backups up to date). Is there some way to "repair" PSU? Should I reinstall?


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Re: Repeatedly "database disk image is malformed"

Post by Hert » 04 Oct 17 7:51

This message does indicate a malformed database file. Make sure to compact your database regularly, typically once a week.
At this point that will probably also give you the malformed message. If your backups are also malformed then
Restore a backup that is not malformed or start a new database and reimport with ICS switched on
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