google+ share broken

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google+ share broken

Post by captainhunt » 22 Sep 17 21:30


I am trying to share some pictures over google+, but always get a "Error during XML Reading (0)."
I am using the latest 3.3.0 2603 on Mac OS X 10.12.6
What I do:
1. select a couple of pictures
2. click share, select google+, I logged in to my google account once.
3. I get a select album popup, with my google+ albums.
4. I enter a new album name and click ok behind the new name
=> above mentioned error message.
Bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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Re: google+ share broken

Post by Hert » 23 Sep 17 9:08

I just tried it here...the XML returned by G+ is "Insert is no longer supported"...which PSU tries to handle but which obviously is no valid XML, hence the error message that you get.

Looks like Google killed their service and made it read-only now.... You could ask them about it.
Consider switching to another service.
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