Labels assign to field "State"

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Re: Labels assign to field "State"

Post by Phosy » 01 Oct 17 13:16

Ok. On the left Side I create a Flag "Test" as you see in Pic01
Pic01.jpg (36.46 KiB) Viewed 2654 times
Result in Pic02
Pic02.jpg (72.23 KiB) Viewed 2654 times
So I can assign the Flag Test to Photos and the Keyword will be placed in the field Keywords

When I'm creating a Flag or Keyword like "Test2" as shown in Pic05
Pic05.jpg (35.42 KiB) Viewed 2654 times
The Flag or Keyword will be placed in the Field Headline AND Keywords.

My wrong thought were, that when I do not set a Metafield as shown in Pic05 nothing will be writen to the file of the Photo. That's wrong.

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Re: Labels assign to field "State"

Post by tstoddard » 02 Oct 17 15:14

From your screen shots I will assume that when you say "Flag" what you mean in Photo Supreme terms is "label". A label can represent a keyword but it does not necessarily have to. I'm not a German speaker but with the help of Google I think I identified your issue. In the label details, under the Metadaten-Eisnstellungen section, it appears that you have left the default setting to create a keyword for this label (Schlusselwort fur dieses Kennz, anlegen). (Sorry for not know how to use the correct characters for German spelling) If you expand that drop down you can select the setting NOT to create a keyword.

Depending on your other settings, data may still be written to your files but a keyword "Test" will not be written.
Tom Stoddard

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Re: Labels assign to field "State"

Post by Phosy » 03 Oct 17 7:57

Oh, slowly the light is brightening up.

So I can creat a whole tree of labels, to geht some structure.
Clip06.jpg (28.73 KiB) Viewed 2589 times

But I can declare, that a Label is private, so it remains just in the catalog and will not be writen in the file (C)
Or I can declare, that a label is not a keyword and it is used just for building up a structur of labes. (B)
And if necessairy I can create a keyword. (A)

If necessary, I can declare additionaly even a XMP-Field.
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Re: Labels assign to field "State"

Post by tstoddard » 03 Oct 17 17:19


Now you're starting to understand the power of a label in Photo Supreme (PSU). It is the mechanism that makes managing metadata with PSU so efficient. If properly defined and structured, assigning one label to an image can accomplish a multitude of tasks. In general, it's always best to use labels to write data to metadata fields as opposed to doing it directly through the details panel.

It's worth noting, however, that with the power labels have in PSU comes great complexity.

There have been lengthy and complicated discussions in this forum in the past about the effect of revoking labels from images. Some of the data that was written to files when the label was assigned may not be removed when the label assignment is revoked. One needs to be cognizant of that. Also, one needs to be very cautious about making changes in various read/write preferences. It's always best to experiment for a while until you get your preferences set the way you like them before starting to label a lot of your images. The relationship between labels details and read/write preferences can be a little tricky.
Tom Stoddard

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Re: Labels assign to field "State"

Post by fbungarz » 13 Oct 17 22:48

I assume by "flag" you mean a label? Not that little icon (i.e., the flag of the country) that can be seen on many of the labels corresponding to a particular country?

Anyway - I think, one reason, why you are possible struggling with this is because locality labels (= labels in the category "Places") are quite unusual. They can be configured in a way that PSu "second guesses" the intention of someone adding these labels. Why am I saying this. Have a look at "Preferences - Sync Settings - Read Settings". Under "Geo processing" you have several options to configure your labels to be process how to "behave" when you assign a label that corresponds to a specific location. "None" nothing happens, "up to location level" means that when you a sign a label in the Places category, PSu automatically fills in all the metadata fields for you. That works relatively well, but it occasionally messes things up and it fills in erroneous entries into the locality metadata fields.

You can later correct this manually, but you best experiment a bit to understand the different options:
GeoLocationProcessing.jpg (79.7 KiB) Viewed 2457 times
One note of caution: IF you enable the "Geo Processing" option and in addition also configure your Places labels to write metadata into fields, then there can occasionally be a conflict between the two processes. In my experience the configuration of your labels takes precedence over Geo processing, but some of the confusion you are experiencing may be related to this...

For what for is “apply detail profile”?
Going off on a tangent here, trying to answer one of your previous questions:

"Apply Detail Profile" is a very powerful option to configure one single label to automatically assign a whole profile of metadata entries to different metadata fields. It means you have the option to assign a single label to an image and it automatically writes entries into several metadata fields according to the Detail Profile assigned to that particular label.

To illustrate this, here an example:
ApplyDetailProfiles.jpg (194.66 KiB) Viewed 2457 times
In the screenshot I have configured the label "SCB10" to fill in the exact collection locality where I collected a specimen. By assigning the label "SCB10" all the different locality entries configured in "Detail Profile" are written to their corresponding fields.

I do hope that makes sense.

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