Outlook Mail SMTP Problem

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Outlook Mail SMTP Problem

Post by AP » 06 Sep 17 23:28

Are users having success using Outlook Mail or Live Mail in the Share area?

I scoured the forum & checked mantis but could not find a solution to a Share problem with PhotoSupreme v2 or v3.

I can set up an email address/server in PhotoSupreme & the test message gets sent to the Inbox successfully, but no other emails with images are ever received by any recipients. I have tried various server SMTP send set ups, including what PhotoSupreme offers for "Hotmail" but other than again some server set ups having successful test messages received, it seems that emails with images never are, nor are the emails ever placed in the Sent folder of the Outlook mail server.

I have also checked my Outlook mail account settings & tried a few things there but with no changes. It appears that my Outlook mail uses STARTTLS but PhotoSupreme uses AutoTLS.

If I set up the email server with my Outlook email SMTP server settings, (I have tried other smtp & port configurations too but my Outlook mail account says to use the following, I have also tried combinations of different smtp server names & or ports with & without checking Server requires secure connection SSL (likely not to be checked for my account) & or checking Use Authentication (should be checked). I can't get the right combo :) ):

Server name: smtp-mail.outlook.com
Port 587
Encryption method: STARTTLS

If I use what my Outlook/Live Mail account advises, then I get this error message from PhotoSupreme:

"SMTP Connetion/Sender Address Error: 5305 .7 .0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first (530) (0)"

There is no STARTTLS setting in PhotoSupreme. But if I check the file in the SMTPProfiles AppData folder, then the setting in the file is AutoTLS & even if I edit this file using Notepad & save it to PSu, then the same above error is produced. I cannot get PSu to use STARTTLS & I can't get Outlook to use AutoTLS.

Thanks for any help. Otherwise I'll file a Mantis ticket.

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Re: Outlook Mail SMTP Problem

Post by Hert » 09 Sep 17 7:47

I've just tried it here and no problems.

1. Create a new email profile
2. Click the Outlook button
3. Fill in your MS email address

The settings that PSU fills in are different than what you list, so I don't think you've used the Outlook button. Are you using V3? That button is not in V2.
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Re: Outlook Mail SMTP Problem

Post by AP » 09 Sep 17 17:27

Yes I have tried using the Outlook button, both in PSu v2 & v3 to set up with my Outlook / Live mail email address. Same problem whether using the smtp address that the PSu Outlook button produces or if I use what Outlook Mail recommends & the SMTP STARTTLS error messages are the same. I have tried several Outlook / Live Mail addresses with & without the button being used.

The smtp address that the button creates for my Live Mail.ca address is: smtp.live.com @ port 587. However, while this smtp set up also has successful test email, it too fails when sharing images.
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GMail & Domain email sending works from PSu v2 & v3. Outlook/Live Mail (not Hotmail) does not work for me from v2 or v3 Trial (day 1 & day 2). Also Domain email worked from PSu but I am ending my domain email & was hoping to use Outlook / Live.ca

I've tested this in v2 & v3 Trial on different computers. The v3 Trial was on a computer that never had PSu installed before.

I have successfully set up & used the exact same settings that my Outlook mail account requires & the use of STARTTLS, in the separate email client program on both my PCs, called Thunderbird & an in an Android App called K9, so I know my/Outlook's recommended settings work, as email with or without images is sent & received successfully for various tested email addresses. Also the "successful" test account email sent by PSu is received & read in Thunderbird & K9, as well as in Outlook Online. No other email from PSu with a shared image are received in email clients, nor at online email readers, also shared image email is not received by the "successful" set up email account in any email client. Both these email clients, Thunderbird & K9 outgoing servers are set up to use STARTTLS, which is not an option in PhotoSupreme, which only offers SSL/TLS & in the smtp file itself, it says AUTOTLS.

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I do not have a Hotmail address to test. As stated earlier, it seems that the only error message that I get is that a STARTTLS must be issued first & that no email is ever sent, despite if no STARTTLS error message is encountered.

My Outlook account recommends the use of STARTTLS setting & that works with Thunderbird & K9 email clients but PSu does not offer that option. Could that not be the problem?

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