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Catalog Label

Post by Phosy » 05 Aug 17 10:49

We are testing Photo Supreme for replacing Daminion. Daminion is ok, but for our use it seems us, that Photo Supreme could be better.

We have installed PSu on the server, handling now the exact same files like Daminion did it before.

When we look at the labels, we see double, triple, or even worse, the same labels. The labels are not wrong from the content, but they should be summarized into one.
How should I proceed to summarize these multiple labels into one?

Thanks for a detailed guide. We work here with the real pictures, so I need professional support.

Thank you very much!
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Re: Catalog Label

Post by Stephen » 05 Aug 17 20:24

The reason is that the tiny settings in the labels are slightly different between each ‘apparently’ duplicate entry, so they are not in fact exact duplicates. Right click on any label and look at Label Details.

This frequently happens when you start using PSu (with me also), and sometimes later too. However, it is not worth the time trying to analyse where the mistakes occurred. Hint: they are usually due to imported images which might have been processed in different applications, which handle keywords differently.

How do I solve this?
Start by renaming i.e. AG to AG2, AG3, AG4, etc.
Check which label has the best settings for my requirement, let us say it’s AG3, for example.
Mark all of the AGs and add the AG3 label.
Sync all images manually, by right clicking.
Then keeping them all marked, remove the other AGs which you do not want. Do NOT remove those before assigning AG3.
Sync again.
Restart PSu.
Rename AG3 to AG or whatever you wish.
Sync again.

Carry out the steps in this order. Some might not be necessary, but I prefer to get it right and this way works.

When you have time also look into Verschiedenes (Miscellaneous in English). You might also find ‘duplicates' there too.

Do not be put off. PSu is very powerful, but has a learning curve.

Good luck and Grützi

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Re: Catalog Label

Post by Phosy » 07 Aug 17 17:47

Thanks a lot for your answer. These problems occured with daminion. I'm looking now just the files through PSu! And now I see this situation.
Ok I understand, the key of success is, first assigne to the pictures the "new" lable and then delete the wrong ones.
Thank a lot!

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