Limited to 25000?

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Limited to 25000?

Post by simonmason » 26 Jun 17 13:11

Hi, I just downloaded the trial version and pointed it at my network share where I keep all of my photos. It ran through an initial import and indicated that it had stopped at 25,000 images. Is this a limit on the trial version? Thanks.

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Re: Limited to 25000?

Post by Stephen » 26 Jun 17 20:51

I believe that the trial is the same as the full version.

Somebody here will be able to explain it better, but 25,000 appears to be a magic number, although you can have far more images in your database. If you point to the root, then it will not display more than 25,000 images.

I would suggest to start with a smaller group to familiarise yourself with PSu initially.
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Re: Limited to 25000?

Post by HCS » 27 Jun 17 12:46

It will import more, but never show more images than 25000 in one view.

You should be able to see how many images in the database by adding up the number counts behind your catalog categories.

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Re: Limited to 25000?

Post by Mke » 27 Jun 17 21:46

25000 is a limit on the number images that can be displayed on a Mac - see ... 14#p114720 - not the number that can be imported.

However, as mentioned above, you would probably be better off importing 25 or 250 images to start configuring and learning the software :)

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