Does Photo Supreme export gifs

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Does Photo Supreme export gifs

Post by angelanthony » 08 Jun 17 17:50

can photo supreme export gifs from video and or photo files? and also be able to batch exports with a watermark? if not that would be a great feature

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Re: Does Photo Supreme export gifs

Post by DirkS » 08 Jun 17 20:38

Conversion and watermarking of images is certainly possible.
You can use for example a batch with 'file format conversion' and 'watermark' actions or use the internal editor (Adjust button)

PSu does not handle video so you will have to use an external tool for those files.
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Re: Does Photo Supreme export gifs

Post by Stephen » 08 Jun 17 21:25

You can also use the share function and either by using the manage button or by right clicking on any symbol (using Mac, maybe Windows too) you can set the desired parameters, including adding a watermark.
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