New User Qustion - Multiple Labels

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New User Qustion - Multiple Labels

Post by johnmcclelland » 07 May 17 23:43

I have searched, but unable to find how to set multiple labels.
An example: choosing a wildflower common name e.g. fiddleneck
Would also put in the Latin Family Name, Common Family Name, genus, wildflower, etc.

I would think of this as a synonym, but to list as a synonym makes it searchable, but does not insert the Keywords.
I could use "Add Parent info", but that is usually not enough.
I am stumped. :shock:

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Re: New User Qustion - Multiple Labels

Post by fbungarz » 09 May 17 12:35

Hi John,
PSu now natively supports the Darwin Core xmp metadata fields, which allows you to embed taxonomic information such as the scientific name, the genus, common name, family name etc. into the relevant xmp fields. In my case I have a label category with the taxonomic hierarchy, the different taxonomic ranks are mapped to fill in the corresponding fields automatically as soon as I assign the scientific name of the species as a label.
I should probably write-up a little tutorial how to do all this, but at the moment have too many other things to do. In any case, I recommend you get familiar with label mapping to fill in XMP fields automatically and also learn a bit about configuring your labels in a way that assigning a child label will also write the corresponding label mappings of its parent labels.
To provide some more context, maybe this is also helpful: ... re#p112989
Setting it all up so that it all works automatically is a bit of effort initially, but it makes databasing image files of species very efficient in the long run.

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