could remove from basket dialog be simplified?

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could remove from basket dialog be simplified?

Post by fbungarz » 04 May 17 10:56

Hi everyone,
before submitting this to Mantis, I put this here for some user feedback..

When working with the image basket I would often like to quickly remove a few images. However, if these images are part of many different collections a huge dialog pops up and I need to be very careful to select the correct option "remove from collection image basket".
This dialog of course makes sense if I am anywhere else throughout the catalog. In the basket (or any other collection), however, it is really inconvenient.

I think, if working in a collection (including the basket), it would make sense to just limit this dialog to three choices, the first one always selected per default
(a) remove from the current collection
(b) remove from database, but leave on disk
(c) delete from database and disk

I think, if working inside collections or with the basket, limiting this dialog to only three choices would much improve the functionality. Currently the dialog can be quite a nightmare, a screenshot with an example here:
remove_from_basket.jpg (264.16 KiB) Viewed 860 times
Let me know what you all think,

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Re: could remove from basket dialog be simplified?

Post by Stephen » 04 May 17 11:58

Yes and no.

Yes, if another option " remove from other collections and in which case, show me them? " option is provided.

No, if that cannot be provided. It would possibly speed up things with just 3 options, I agree, but in my case if I remove image/s from one collection I sometimes want to remove them from others too. An option box (or whatever) would speed the cases you mention, but also give more options. Removal from several collections is easier when an image is on the monitor, but later can easily be forgotton.

What about a series of check boxes with a default of the current collection but the option to check more boxes if desired?
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