Future of Photo Supreme

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Future of Photo Supreme

Post by martin.l » 17 Feb 17 19:33


I was using IDimager a couple of years ago, when suddenly it wasn't developed anymore.

I'm searching a DAM and I've read quite good reviews about Photo Supreme, but I don't want to buy a license when it will maybe not supported anymore in the near future?

When was the last update released? Is there a Major next version planned? For when? How long will Photo Supreme be supported?

Other Software I'm considering are Daminion, iMatch and ACDSeee.


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Re: Future of Photo Supreme

Post by Hert » 18 Feb 17 9:38

IDimager wasn't developed anymore because Photo Supreme replaced it.

Check http://whatsnew.idimager.com to read about what is released with every update.

Updates aren't announced up front and when releases are planned is disclosed information.
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Re: Future of Photo Supreme

Post by HaraldE » 18 Feb 17 13:03

Hello Martin,

I used IDI for many years and am a long-time user of PSU. In addition to its rich menu of functions I also like the way it supports users and environment. If there comes a day when I need to move away from PSU I am confident that I can do so without too much problems. I believe Hert has used standards as much as possible. Also I believe that PSU stores its metadata in a standard way so it would be available to where ever I would move. Moving is not an easy task and (if leaving PSU) I would be more worried about functionality of the receiving product.

I use PSU a couple of times every week and the same was true for IDI. A long time ago I migrated from a product called ThumbsPlus. That migration was one of the best moves I have ever made. And that migration was possible through some positive help from Hert

I see no reason not to believe in PSU and I am confident I will survive a time in the future if PSU was not around. PSU is in no way a dead end and can be used with confidence.

By the way, I am a pure user, not a technical person, mainly a photographer and a dedicated fan of PSU and its environment ... including this Forum.
Maybe this is not a direct answer to your questions but I believe it is part of what you may want to know

Best regards, Harald

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Re: Future of Photo Supreme

Post by siehorst » 21 Feb 17 0:53

martin.l wrote:I was using IDimager a couple of years ago,...
You may laugh at me, but I'm still doing so. Had a look to others including PSu, but no intention of moving somewhere else at the moment.

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