I can't restore image file

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I can't restore image file

Post by Larry56 » 29 Jan 17 18:12

I have selected a RAW file and deleted from database but left in folder. I want to restore it back to PSu but I keep getting messages that no new files were found. I've confirmed it is on the disk in that folder and tried Verify Folder and also Import. All with no success.

How do I get this back?

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Re: I can't restore image file

Post by weidmic » 29 Jan 17 19:27

What if you take a look at the files with no labels assigned? Is it ther?
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Re: I can't restore image file

Post by fbungarz » 29 Jan 17 20:31

I have run into similar situations, where verify would not even discover a whole folder despite it being there. I resolved this by renaming the folder and it was then detected.
In your case I would try putting the file into another folder and verify that folder, then, once it has re-appeared, move it back to the folder where it belongs.

Sometimes deleting files/folders from the catalog does not work that well, especially if you close the application before all references to that file/folder have indeed been removed. In that case some odd residue of a file might still be there and the verify command then does not work very well.

Generally good practice: If you delete a large amount of files, make sure you wait long enough for the process to finish and follow it up by compacting the database afterwards.

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