Using a PSu catalog on two computers?

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Using a PSu catalog on two computers?

Post by simato73 » 06 Jan 17 22:54

I a recent post I mentioned that I use a laptop while shooting on a trip and that when I am at home I have to transfer the images and their metadata.
My only experience so far has not been totally smooth.
Reading in the forum I have found this post by Mike Buckley ... 45#p112974, where he says that
Mike Buckley wrote:As Phil alluded, you can use the software on multiple computers so long as only one computer is being used at a time. In fact, I wonder if you are aware that the software is explicitly designed so you can leave all of your image files on your desktop and continue to easily catalog them on your laptop while away.
Perhaps at this stage it is still a bit speculative, I have so much of the basics still to learn, but how does one do what Mike wrote?

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Re: Using a PSu catalog on two computers?

Post by fbungarz » 27 Apr 17 19:23

Quite simple:
Install PSU on both computers, then use a third party program such as SyncBack to keep the catalog files ( and idimager.thumbs.db) synchronized on both computers. Now, put all your images on a removable drive. Hook up that drive to the computer you are using at a given time. Make sure the drive letters and label of that drive when mounted are the same (e.g. always D:\images). Since you are using the exact same drive PSu will recognize it and you can work on each computer. IMPORTANT: make sure you keep the databases in sync before you switch using computers.

This also works if you use only one computer with the drive that holds the image files, but then on the computer that does not have the drive with your images attached you should switch to "travel mode". In travel mode no data are written to any image files, the database presumes these files are offline/not available. Thumbs and Previews will be available.

IF you want to use two different drives, you will not only need to keep the databases on both computers in sync, but the image files too. Then, every time in addition to switching computers you will also need to tell the database that the images are now on a different drive, i.e., remap each time you switch. That is a bit cumbersome...

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Re: Using a PSu catalog on two computers?

Post by Stephen » 27 Apr 17 22:01

You surely have a reason why you use 2 computers. I do everything on a laptop, which is attached to a large monitor when back at base. That way there are no syncing issues.
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