How to assign parent labels?

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How to assign parent labels?

Post by enonod » 12 Dec 16 18:59

If I were to have a category Plant and labels Flower and Rose assigned to an image, it seems impossible to assign Plant Flower to an image where I do not know (yet) the flower type or name. This of course only occurs after the first flower name label is created. One could use a name 'Unknown' but not ideal.
The question then arises, what if flower was assigned and later the first flower name is assigned?

Have I missed something?

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Re: How to assign parent labels?

Post by tstoddard » 12 Dec 16 19:12


You seem to have stumbled onto a recently discovered bug that has not yet been resolved. There are several different ways in which to assign labels. One of those is to use the drop down list that appears when you click on the magnifying glass in the Label Assignment Panel. Doing it that way, it is impossible to assign a parent label. Every other way I know of will work. You can read more about it here: ... 25#p113906

I hope this solves your issue.

Edit: There is a bug report for this but it hasn't been confirmed or resolved yet. Perhaps you could go out and add a note to it to help keep it active. It's issue# 3122
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Re: How to assign parent labels?

Post by fbungarz » 12 Dec 16 19:13

Hi Enonod,
actually, it is not so unusual that you would not know the correct identification of a species. Scientists struggle with that all the time. Often, I am only able to say what genus a particular lichen species might belong to. So I assign the photo to that genus and as a species name I dump it into "sp." - essentially a label below that genus that correspond to your "unknown". Then, successively working through the unidentified photos, examining the specimens I may later remove that label and then assign the correct one...

I have an entire category called "Taxonomy" as part of my catalog and the labels in that part of the catalog trees are mapped to their corresponding DarwinCore fields. All these labels are configured to automatically assign the parent too. So, no matter which particular label, the species, genus, family, etc. I assign to that images - the corresponding XMP fields are automatically filled in.

Perhaps this screenshot helps to illustrate what I am talking about:
DarwinCoreMapping.jpg (498.43 KiB) Viewed 5290 times
Not sure, if in your case you will need all that detail. But one thing worth pointing out: you can select several labels at once and also configure their label properties all at once.

Hope that helps,

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Re: How to assign parent labels?

Post by enonod » 12 Dec 16 19:34

Thank you both for your kind assistance.
At this stage I do not need such detail but will keep it in mind for the future Frank.
Problem now resolved after following your link Tom.

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