map to correct physical drive

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map to correct physical drive

Post by captainhunt » 28 Nov 16 22:25


I am wondering whether I am doing something wrong:
- I imported 20k pictures using PSu Server Edition 3.3.0 on a windows 10 machine, postgreSQL running on a QNAP NAS.
- Next I wanted to access these pictures from a macbook OS X El Capitain again PSu Server ed. 3.3.0.
- I connect to postgreSQL, folder view shows red icon
- I click on the top most folder, select Map to correct physical Folder,
- I open the corresponding folder and get an access violation (0) and PSu dies.
What am i doing wrong?
Of course I do see the folder in Finder, it is mounted via AFP, I can read/write files to it.
Reopening PSu going to folder view, I see a second folder identical to the former toplevel folder??? In addition a strange TEST.JPG, which does not show any image, and does not exist on the NAS appears also at the toplevel just below the former toplevel directory.
Any hints wecome


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