going out of sync

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Re: going out of sync

Post by vlad » 13 Nov 16 1:03

vkfoto wrote:One more time. this time using Jim's recipe
When you come to reimport the read settings need to be temporarily changed to:
Keywords processing "Replace catalog labels with existing keywords"
Tick "Read hierarchical keywords"
Tick "Read IDimager ICS scheme"

Were all your images in sync in the original catalog? Had you enabled "Write hiererachical keywords" before the images were synced?

If yes, then I would recommend to create a new catalog, leave "Read hierarchical keywords" ticked but then untick "Read IDimager ICS scheme". Do you get better results this time? (If not, then pick one image which hasn't been properly imported and give us more details about it and its tags.)

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Re: going out of sync

Post by vkfoto » 13 Nov 16 2:11

Doing some cleanup in 2013 images right now. As soon as PSu is finished, I try the above for the 2016 folder that was giving me all that grief.

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Re: going out of sync

Post by Hert » 13 Nov 16 8:36

Does right click- metadata-convert metadata to XMP bring in the tags for those missing, but visible in Explorer?
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